Where It Began

A friendly and relaxed learning environment where children can develop to their full potential

Lis Humphrey and Rachael Dean, are the Co-Owners/Managers of Step Up Pre-School, they opened Step Up in April 2014.  Lis & Rachael first met as childminders who were introduced to each other by their mutual childcare officer as she felt they were very like-minded in their values and beliefs and the way they operated their childminding businesses.  They joined forces and set up a parent/carers and childminders baby and Toddler group. 

Whilst running this group they were approached by Wiltshire Council and asked if they would set up a Pre-School as there was at that point a severe shortage of spaces particularly those that were entitled to access the Better together Funding for 2-year olds.  Lis & Rachael were passionate about giving every child the best possible start so decided to take the leap of faith and began planning the opening of their Pre-School.

Creating Step Up Pre-School

The name Step Up was decided because they were offering a “Step Up” on the development ladder to children aged 2 and above.  Their logo was initially designed by a local designer. Upon receiving the initial design Lis & Rachael wanted it to be more friendly & inviting so their bright spring green trademark colour was decided along with changing the “U” in up to create a smiley face.

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