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A friendly and relaxed learning environment where children can develop to their full potential

Step Up Pre-School

A team dedicated to making children happy, safe and ready for school

Welcome to Step Up Pre-School @ Dilton Marsh. We are based in our own mobile classroom in the grounds of Dilton Marsh C of E Primary School. We re-located here in February 2019. We are more than happy for you to pop in for a visit to see us, no appointment necessary.

As with all Early Years settings we follow the statutory requirements to ensure that the children are in a safe, caring and stimulating environment with plenty of opportunities to explore and discover about the world that they live in.

What we Offer

What we Offer

Friendly & relaxed learning environment

We are a friendly, relaxed & approachable setting. We provide a warm, caring, family-oriented environment.

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With two dedicated classes, Bumblebee Room and Dragonfly Room, children’s development is tailored to their age-group.

Fully equipped indoor & outdoor play areas

We offer learning opportunities covering all 7 areas of the EYFS both indoors & outdoors. Within the structure of the learning environment the children are free to explore the resources & planned activities.

Highly qualified staff

Lis, Rachael and the team are all highly qualified, and continuing to expand their professional development to ensure positive progression for each and every child.

Excellent parent & child reviews

Read our latest reviews and get in touch to leave feedback of your own.

Heart of the Community

We Work with you to keep each parent up to date

Since moving to our new location, we are building links with the local amenities, such as hosting our annual Christmas Nativity play in our Local Church, The Holy Trinity.

We are very lucky to be part of the Fare Share scheme. This means that we collect food that would normally go to waste. We currently collect from Asda in Frome, Tesco Express on Leigh Park & Waitrose in Warminster. We use as much of the food from these collections as we can to provide the free of charge morning snack for our pre-school children, baking activities & resources for pre-school activities such as making play dough & pasta jewellery making. We also use it to provide a free of charge snack for our afterschool club. If there is anything left after this our pre-school parents are offered it, and then if there is still more, we offer it to the parents of Dilton Marsh C of E Primary School.

We take the pre-school leavers on an outing at the end of the school year to Hope Nature Centre which is in partnership with Fairfield Farm College.

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Enrol your Child with Us

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