Step Up and the Fare Share Scheme

We are very proud to be part of the Fare Share Scheme.  We started taking Fare Share donations for our Pre-School approximately 2 years ago from Tesco Express on the Leigh Park Estate.  The Fare Share donations are foods which are still perfectly edible but have reached their sell by date (not use by).

Most of these foods can be frozen and used at a later date, and things like broken bags of pasta, rice, salt etc. are used as resources in the Pre-School for craft activities and making things such as our play dough.  Some of our favourite donations so far were the day after Mothering Sunday: we had enough bunches of flowers to give one to every Mum at our pre-school. Also, during the summer having several bunches of bananas that we froze, and then the children made delicious creamy banana ice cream – nothing added, just beautiful bananas!!

 We have donations 3 days a week and this provides morning snacks for the Pre-School children and snacks for the afterschool club. Anything that is left, our parents and also the parents from Dilton Marsh Primary School are very welcome to take and make use of themselves. We are so pleased that there is nothing left at the end of the day, so every item that is donated does get used which means there is less going to our landfills! J

The donations have been very much appreciated and we are now taking further donations from Asda in Frome 1 day a week and Waitrose in Warminster 1 day a week, so this is a full week of donations!!

We feel very lucky and privileged as the donations have helped our children and families, as well as the wider community.   This includes items such as bottled water, bread and pastries being passed on to a charity that provides support for the homeless. Also, Little Marshian’s parent baby and toddler group, based in Dilton Marsh, had a sensory play morning using some donated broccoli as trees in their dinosaur land, and then used it further for some broccoli painting. 

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